Bloom Where You’re Planted

Content. I feel, as a 24 year old first time mom, this word is super hard for me. My house is never clean enough, I’m never doing enough, I’m not good enough. I have a small bakery out of my house and NEED a bigger kitchen. I HAVE to finish school or I’ll never be taken seriously as a baker. I’m not perfect enough to be a ministers wife. Maybe if I do more, people will like me. Maybe I’m doing too much. Maybe, if I do all the things a stay at home, first time Mom is supposed to do, Oli will turn out to be a decent God-fearing man.

Noise. Constant, irritating, over analyzing, hyper-critical voices in my head that tell me I’m not good enough keep me from the one thing I need most… contentment.

Don’t get me wrong!! Contentment should never be confused with complacency. Scripture tells us to be active and be the feet of Jesus. But when it comes to your short comings, your overly critical, negative, derogatory comments to yourself… remember, Christ died for you. Christ loves you. Christ holds you when you don’t feel good enough. Christ wants you to be content and rest in that. You were bought at a price. He put you where you are to spread His Light. Love yourself. God does. He planted you where you are for a purpose. Does a good gardener leave His garden to fend for itself or does He water, weed and care for it? He’s got you. Rest and be content in Him, through every season. Bloom for Him, beautiful woman of God.

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